Mac's BEER - Love Buzz

When Mac's introduced their new Love Buzz honey mead to New Zealand, they needed to make sure that their audience knew just what it was they were drinking. To support the social media launch, I created an article to help fans understand the heritage of the drink and how Mac's had made it even more interesting. Most importantly, I made them thirsty.


Love Buzz: A mead debut from Mac’s


Once upon a time, there were some European fellas who loved their honey. But honey gets old after a while, and they needed to do something to make it interesting again. Long story short, while they were trying to figure out what to do, it rained and their stash was flooded. Their watery honey fermented and they became the accidental creators of a delicious mead. Back then, no one really bothered to write down recipes, but their mead was so good that people have kept making it for over 8,000 years.

During that time some even craftier people invented this thing we call beer. It was a hit. Beer became more and more popular and by the time our Terry was brewing up his first batch of Mac’s, the world had pretty much forgotten about mead. Until now, that is. Brewers around the world have rediscovered their taste for interesting drinks, just like we have. Today, our brewery is a hive of interesting beers, ciders, sodas and, for a limited time, a mead. It’s a really good one too. We call it Love Buzz.


As our debut single in the world of fermented honey, Love Buzz was our chance to set the bar for what honey mead should be, so we set the bar at about head height. To do that, of course, we needed honey. Lots of honey. No, seriously, big jars of the stuff. After months of experimenting, fermenting, tasting, tweaking and fermenting again, we narrowed our pick down from seven honeys to the trifecta of golden goodness that makes up our mead – Kamahi, Clover and Manuka. Along the way, we also carefully selected the perfect French white wine yeast. When we put it all together, the fermenting honey and yeast work their magic, turning the natural honey sugars into a deliciously flavoured, carbonated mead that clocks in at 5.5% ABV. This means that every bottle of Love Buzz has that signature ‘pop’ when you pull on the rip cap. Most importantly, there’s not a hint of malted barley in the mix, meaning Love Buzz is completely gluten free.

At this point you’re probably thinking “So is this just a bottle of honey?” and that’s a fair question. The answer is no. Not even close. While loads of honey goes into every batch, what comes out is a glass of golden, sparkling mead that’s light and refreshing rather than sweet, with a swarm of complex, floral aromas. It’s just the right mix to complement light seafood flavours, zesty salads, charcuterie platters, and finish off nicely with a fruity dessert. Thanks to the honey, it can even handle a little bit of heat – the likes of a Thai curry.

Love Buzz is on tap in Brewbars and in four packs at the usual stores. We’ll have to let the bees rest sometime, so it’s only available for a few months. Go get some.